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RWA activation agency is counted among leading agencies in Bangalore capable of providing brands required exposure in apartment complexes in most cost-effective manner. We have

Most Well-known RWA Activation Agency in Bangalore

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Apartment Festival Events

Festivals are a part of our culture and during festival events you get the opportunity to advertise yourbusiness and products in front of a large

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Vehicle Display Advertisement

Using vehicle display advertisement you can place your advertisement in prime locations withinapartment complex and draw attention of families living in apartments.Contact UsRWA ACTIVATIONNo. 91,

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Kiosks are easy to maintain and provide your brand high level of visibility. Thus, by offering repetitiveexposure, it turns into a very inexpensive marketing option

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Notice Board

Putting your advertisement in apartment notice boards is the most cost effective method of advertisingyour business in front of a large audience base.Contact UsRWA ACTIVATIONNo.

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Newspaper Insertion

Most people love reading newspapers and by using newspaper insertion service you are able to reachbreakfast table of most people in an apartment complex.Contact UsRWA

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Door Hangers

There is just about 100% guarantee that your advertisement will get noticed since everyone will have toremove it from their door. People moving around your

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You get to use larger presence in high traffic zones in an apartment complex using standees. They alsoprovide great mobility for your advertisement since standees

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Mailbox Insertion

Every flat in an apartment complex has its own mailbox and mailbox insertion proves to be a personalmedium of delivering your advert than other conventional

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Flyer Insertion

As per statistics, about 85% of people say they occasionally or regularly spend time to read flyerinsertions in newspaper and magazines. Flyer insertion also helps

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RWA Activation – The Right Medium to Connect with Your Audience Base

Reach audience of different demographics and deliver your branding message in a most focused manner


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